More for Transfer Applicants
Who is a Transfer Student?
You are considered a transfer student if you are a high school graduate who will have completed at least 12 college credits since high school and before your expected date of entry into Rutgers. (This excludes current high school students who are also taking college courses.) Transfer students use the same application as all other students.

About Transfer Credit
Credit evaluations are completed after transfer students have been admitted and have confirmed their intention to enroll. In general, credit is granted for courses taken at accredited colleges and universities if they are the equivalent of courses offered by Rutgers University and a grade of at least a C has been earned.

However, individual courses are evaluated by the faculty (in the case of direct course equivalency) and the school/college (for the transfer of credit when a direct departmental equivalent does not exist) before credit is granted. You may find it helpful to review Rutgers’ course content information in our catalogs and on the NJ Transfer web site (for New Jersey community college students).